Email & Postal Database Supplier – Est.1981

Established in 1981, we are the UK’s longest running direct marketing company and offer a complete range of postal mailing and email marketing services. We are a boutique data supplier that focuses on high quality, niche databases for research & direct marketing purposes.

 Marketing Consultancy

Our marketing consultancy increases the return of investment; we can help you fully understand your objectives, find the right data and formulate the perfect campaign.

 Data Cleanse & Enhancement

Adding detail to your customer records helps you to understand those already interacting with you, allowing you to much more precise with your new and ongoing marketing efforts.

 Print & Post Mail Fulfilment

Whether you require postcards, leaflets or brochures we can provide high quality mailing services and cost-effective postage solutions.

 Customer Profiling

A deeper understanding of your customers allows us to plan much more targeted campaigns and aim your messages more effectively.

 Email Broadcasting

We can take the headache away from managing your e-mail broadcast, freeing you up to concentrate on the results.

 Creative Design

Designing a marketing creative that everyone will love is as important as finding the right data. An invaluable investment.

For over 30 years, Portland Software has been the only data compiler in the UK specialising in sports clubs, social clubs, and clergy data. Accuracy is important to us and over the years we have invested heavily in developing new and more effective compiling methods that enable us to get the most accurate data for the markets we serve.

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