European Local Government Email Marketing Database

Our exclusive European Local Government Email Marketing Database covers 137,774 contacts across 13,804 organisations with 91,733 email addresses available.

The dataset lists senior officials and officers across the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. It is extensively categorised by areas of responsibility, authority type and population served. The list is also fully selectable by Country and functions as required. Prices for the individual selections are available on request and we do have a number of packages available.

If you would like to know more about our European Local Government Email Marketing Database, our other mailing lists and email lists or would like more information about Portland Software in general, please say hello.

Database Volume: 137,774
Chief Elected Officers 14,665
Chief Executive 14,601
Architecture & Building 13,095
Chief Finance Officer 14,743
Economic Development 10,446
Education & Training 11,046
Energy 8,017
Environmental Control 11,321
European Liaison 4,496
Finance Decision Makers 14,743
Health 6,363
Housing 8,148
IT Decision Makers 6,572
Legal Affairs 5,274
Library Services  7,171
Personnel 10,196
Planning 9,044
Personnel 10,196
Public Relations 6,542
Recreation & Public Parks 9,229
Social Services 11,500
Technical Services 7,165
Transport & Highways 12,634
Treasurer 6,735
Waste Management / Refuse Collection 10,083
Water 8,357