GP Surgeries and CCG Marketing Database

Our GP Surgeries and CCG Marketing Database covers 35,686 contacts across 10,159 organisations with 9,478 email addresses available. All information is researched on a strict 4 month cycle.

Since the formation of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and the NHS reforms of 2013, the role of  GPs has changed considerably. GPs & CCGs are now responsible for controlling the majority of NHS budget and will decide how and where to spend the money allocated to them. They will incorporate their new commissioning responsibilities with their day-to-day practice of seeing, treating and referring patients.

Our database provides an accurate and reliable means to communicate healthcare related messages to GP practices throughout the UK. If you would like to know more about our GP Surgeries and CCG marketing database, our other mailing lists and email lists or would like more information about Portland Software in general, please say hello.

Database Records: 35,688
Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) 3,330
GP Surgery 32,358