Local Government Marketing Database

Our Local Government marketing database covers 50,169 contacts across 770 organisations with 45,776 email addresses available. All information is researched on a strict 4 month cycle.

The Local Government database covers all Councillors, Senior and Mid-Level Management Officers and key lower level functional contacts across all UK Councils/Local Authorities. This database also covers Police and Fire Authorities/Forces/Services, plus Parks/Transport and Passenger Authorities.

The database is extensively categorised by organisation type/level of management and has nearly 600 job functional categories for both Officers and Councillors. The number of contacts and depth of information is constantly being expanded with new functions and statutory positions. Department names and numbers of employees are also a recent addition to the database.

If you would like to know more about our Local Government marketing database, our other mailing lists and email lists or would like more information about Portland Software in general, please say hello.

Database Records: 50,169
Fire Authority 31 National Park Authority 173
Fire Service 753 NI Education & Library Board 103
Greater London Authority 52 NI Housing Executive 26
Isle of Man Government 61 Offshore Island Council 124
Joint Valuation Board 14 Passenger Transport Authority 63
LA Purchasing Organisation 12 Police and Crime Commissioner 657
Leisure Trust 752 Police Force 1,060
Local Authority 45,618 Port Authority 52
Local Authority Association 143 Purchasing Organisation 39